Introduction: Python Programming - Calculating Newton's Method

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Short Python program that calculates a square root using Newton's Method.

Python file attached.

# Released under the GPLprint ("Newton's Method.")print ("This program will determine a square root using Newton's Method.")numberentered = input("Enter a number: ")# Convert the entered string into a float numbernumber = float(numberentered)# Define the function that uses Newton's Methoddef square_root(number):    estimate = number/2    # print ("The initial estimate is: ", estimate)    # Continue the while loop until the estimate and newestimate variables are equal,    # then break out of the loop    while True:            print("Calculating new estimate using Newton's Method.")            newestimate = ((estimate+(number/estimate))/2)            print("The current estimate is:",   estimate)            if newestimate == estimate:                print("Found the square!",  newestimate)                break # break out of loop here            print ("New estimate is:",  newestimate)            # Assign newestimate value to estimate            estimate = newestimate    # End while loop    square_root(number)print ("Exiting program now.")
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