Introduction: QRigami! QR Code Origami Flyers

Ever wanted a clever way to promote an event, party, or cause?
Like to fold Origami?
Then you've come to the right place!

QRigami is the combination of QR codes and Origami for an exciting way to share your next event or help raise awareness. This Instructable will show you how to create your very own QRigami custom folding template!

What you'll need:

- A cause to promote
- Scissors
- Origami fold instructions
- A marker
- A scanner or camera
- Your favorite word processor or image editing software (We used PowerPoint)
- A printer

For some great video instructions on what you can fold check out
Jo Nakashima's YouTube channel at:

Step 1: How to Select an QRigami Design

When looking for what to use for your QRigami, you should look for designs with large flat surfaces to place your QR code on. Instructions of all difficulty levels are available on YouTube. We've linked a few of our favorites above. We've found that QRigami works best when your QR code can be at least a 1" (2.5 cm) square, so that most smartphones can focus on it. When you have selected a design fold according to your selected instructions.

Here are some great video examples we've used:

For convenience, bellow we attached rectangle and square PDF templates to start your design from.

Step 2: Designing Your Origami

On your folded Origami piece draw a box in the spot where you want your QR code to be. Highlight other flat surfaces and indicate designs you want such as eyes, a slogan, or a web address. If you want to have any text on your finished QRigami, make sure you indicate how it will be oriented now, before you unfold it.

Step 3: Unfold and Scan

Now it's time to carefully unfold your QRigami design. If your fold pattern is intricate, it may help to follow your folding instructions in reverse to make sure nothing gets damaged.

Once you have your design unfolded it's time to scan it into your computer. If you don't have a scanner, smooth the paper out as flat as you can and take a picture of it. The goal here is to get our QRigami template onto a computer.

Just as a warning, the front and back sides of the paper may both be visible for you to draw on and aligning a front and back template on a single sheet of paper can be challenging. We recommend choosing the side of your unfolded Origami piece which has the most of your highlighted areas.

Step 4: Beginning Your Template

Now that you have your design on your computer, open your favorite image editor or word processor. We used PowerPoint.

If using PowerPoint you need to first change the page size to "letter" or 8.5" x 11". We can do this by opening the "Design" tab, clicking "Slide Size" and changing height/width appropriately.

Now insert your the image of your template and scale it to the size that you would like to fold. Remember: It's usually easier to fold larger origami than smaller ones and your QRigami QR codes work best when they are at least a 1" square.

Step 5: Decorating Your Template.

Now you're going to use your hand drawn template image to guide where you will place the QR code any pictures or text you want. Make sure they are all oriented the way you want them to show on your folded QRigami.

An easy way to generate your QR code is through

Just make sure to select "URL" instead of "Free Text" if you want to link to a website! For our QR code we link too:

You may want to draw lines over the creases in your template image to mark the folds, this can help recreate the same positioning of your template design, but isn't always necessary.

Once you have your template decorated and your QR code placed delete or hide your QRigami template image from behind the new one you've just drawn and print!

Before printing multiple copies we suggest you try test folding one using the instructions you used in Step 1.

If you're having trouble with your own QRigami template design, you can try decorating one of the ones we came up with here:
(For folding instructions see Step 1)

Step 6: Fold and Distribute!

You're QRigami is complete! Now you're ready to make and distribute your QRigami for whatever cause you wish to promote! We recommend getting a group together to fold a bunch of them for your next event.

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