Need a quick, easy and low cost filament spool holder?

Step 1:

1. Buy a small plastic trash bucket ($2.99 at Target), find an old broomstick or any other round tube to use as an axle and get a sharp knife. Use a locking or fixed blade knife for safety.

Cut a hole the same size as the axle into each side of the bucket at least five inches from the bottom (for most standard reels).

Cut the broomstick or whatever tube you are using to fit the width of the bucket plus a little more so it will stick out each side.

Step 2:

2. Push the axle through the first hole you have cut.

Step 3:

3. Put the spool of filament in the bucket with the axle going through the hole in the center of the reel, then push it through the other hole.

Step 4:

4. You can feed the filament out of the top of the bucket into the 3D printer.

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