Introduction: Quarantine Trumpet Cleaning

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People are still playing their trumpet during quarantine, and need to clean it but don't know-how. This can help anybody and it is a quick and easy five minute project for a great outcome.







And mouthpiece cleaner

If silver trumpet, you will need your fingerprint remover rag

Step 1: Taking Apart Your Trumpet

First, have a paper or something where you can set them down. Unscrew your values. And take them out. Then take all 4 slides out.

Step 2: Cleaning With Snake

First, get your snake out. Then start by running it through your slides. After that, run it through your trumpet. Then do the same with your mouthpiece. Just use your smaller cleaner as seen in the picture.

Step 3: Greasing and Oiling

First, you can use your fingers or you can use a paper towel. Then, wipe off all the old grease and oil. To grease, it just take a little grease and rub it on the slides. To oil, your valves, take your oil and squirt it on them. I would recommend doing this over a trash can or sink.

Step 4: Putting Your Trumpet Back Together

After you have everything greased and oiled, you need to put it back correctly. With your valves, each has a number. The valve closest to the mouthpiece is number one. Put it so the number faces you. Do the same with the other two. Then put your slides back in and test it. If it works you put everything in right.

Step 5: For Silver Trumpets

To finish cleaning your silver trumpet, you will need your fingerprint rag. Wipe everything down and all of the fingerprints should come off. Congrats, your trumpet is cleaned and ready to use again.