Introduction: Simple at Home Schooling Schedule

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Homeschooling is now the big thing. You could be figuring out how to get a kid to do something or what should happen when. This is a how-to on what should happen when. And if you want help figuring out your schedule, I am happy to help.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Schedule

First, figure out how long you want to do school and when you want to start. I normally start before 9:00 a.m. but, after breakfast. I normally am done before lunch, because of how many assignments I have. But, we also have stuff that we need to be flexible around like grocery pick up, or going to the chiropractor. I also have to help teach my siblings and I have my friends to facetime or text.

Step 2: Picking What Goes Where

To keep things as normal as possible, have the schedule set up like they are at school. Yes, you are cutting the times but, if you keep things organized it will help with the change. Then, set up a designated time for texting, or something, where they can talk to there friends after all the school work, is done.

Step 3: Congrats

You have your schedule set up, and remember if you want a personalized schedule, just reach out.