Introduction: Quarter Dollar Burgers

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You know what you have in your pocket? Change! And you know how big these burgers are? The diameter of a quarter!

We whipped up the little buns in the toaster oven and made the burgers on the stove top with a skillet. And you can too.

Step 1: The Buns

Now look, I didn't invent burger buns. There are a million recipes on the internet for buns, just pick one! Here's the one we used. The only thing that we did different was we divided the dough into 64 buns instead of 8 because we wanted to make teensie weensie burgers. To make 64 even sized buns you rip the dough in half, then the halves in half, then the quarters in half, then the eighths in half, then the sixteenths in half, then each of the thirty-secondths in half and you're left with 64 little dough balls.

We found 9 minutes at 375 F was the sweet spot in terms of baking. Also we had to use the toaster oven and not the regular oven because some mice pulled all the insulation out of our oven months ago and we haven't had time to fix it.

Step 2: The Burgers

Nothing crazy here. Get your ground beef, season to taste, and shape the beef into small patties. I like a few splashes of Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, and garlic as seasoning for the ground beef.

Step 3: And That's It

This is a very easy recipe. We've never baked bread before and were surprised how simple it was to make delicious rolls. It was cool to see the dough double in size as the yeast made it rise.

You know, before eating just dress up the burgers as you like. I like mustard, lettuce, tomato and ketchup. Karina just likes ketchup. The boys just like lettuce.

If you have the apparel you can even have a kid dress up as a waiter and serve you the tiny burgers. Our little ones thought it was pretty funny to take our order and bring us tiny little burgers one after the other.

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