Quick Clock Face Design in ArtCAM




Introduction: Quick Clock Face Design in ArtCAM

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This can then be sent to your CNC machine and a hole drilled in the centre for the clock mechanism

Step 1: Opening the Image

Drag the image above into ArtCAM and set the size as you wish (I used 450mm x 450mm)

Step 2: Trace Around the Image

To do this, select the Bitmap to Vector tool. Reduce the colours down to two so it just has black and white. Make sure black is the selected colour and create vectors. You can use the default settings for it

Delete the clock hand vectors as the clock hands will be a seperate piece purchased from any hardware store

Step 3: Creating Toolpaths for Machining

Create an Area Clearance using inner circle and four circles. The tool and settings below are what I have used, you can change these if you wish

Using a 12mm End Mill and a 3mm End Mill

Finish depth 3mm

Material is 25mm

Create a Profile cut on all vectors except for the circles above using a 3mm End Mill

Tip - If you dont want the waste pieces to fly from the machine, use bridges to leave some material which will keep it attached to the main piece, these then need to be snapped off once finished

Simulate this to check for errors and then save the toolpaths using your CNC found in the machine file format list

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    5 years ago

    Clock mechanisms are pretty easy to get of the internet, and also cheap. The files should be attached for using, if not ive done something wrong. It also looks pretty good laser cut aswell.


    5 years ago

    Love this clock design! Just what I want to replace my now dead wall clock, but I didn't know that until I ran across it. I have a brand new BladeRunner 2X (gift) and will cut it on that. I do not have a CNC machine. I hope the pattern is such that I can make a copy and cut it out from that. Thanks for sharing this lovely design.