Introduction: Quick Deploy Paracord Bracelet Jig (for Kids)

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Inspired by Operation Gratitude, our Cub Scouts needed help creating this bracelet. The jig is made for small hands and the less coordinated. Like the paracord activity, the jig is just as simple and cost effective.

Not only a great craft, this is a social distant service project. Feel free to use this take-home project and jig to create your own bracelets for Operation Gratitude. Every 5 donated bracelets = 1 community service hour.


  • 550 Paracord (7-8 feet) per bracelet
  • 11 inch Zip Tie
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Ruler
  • Black marker

Step 1: Less Than 3 Minutes to Complete

In real time, this took 2 min 24 seconds to complete a bracelet using the jig.

Step 2: The Jig Is Up

Cut the tie at 8.5 inches and mark 3 inches from the bottom of the eyelet.

Feed the ziptie backward. So it doesn't lock.

The Jig is complete

Step 3: Using the Jig

1. Feed an end through the eyelet to the 3 inch mark. This ends stays loose. DO NOT KNOT until the end of wrapping.

2. Use the 3 inch end to secure a core strand onto the jig. Feed back into eyelet. This will help keep core stands straight during rolling.

3. Follow video instructions until the end of wrapping. The jig allows for easy consistent rolling.

4. Complete wrapping and secure the end into the core strand bend. Pull the jig out.

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