Introduction: Quick Homemade Steamer Hack

This instructable describes how to create a homemade food steamer. With this device you can steam cook:

Chinese steamed buns
and other varieties of food!

The equipment you shall need for this project is the following:

Sharp knife
Disposable aluminum pan
Large metallic bowl

The aluminum pan must lay across the top of the pot while the bowl must sit on the pan. Make sure they are stable when assembled.

Step 1: Cut the Grid

Fetch the aluminum pan. Cut a series of squares about the size of 1cmx1cm. Place the squares 1 cm apart. This does not have to be exact.

Step 2: Boil Water

Fetch your pot and bring the water to a boil. Make sure you pour enough water for the length of time the food must cook for.

Step 3: Steam the Food

Place your grid upon the pot. Make sure it is stable.

Place the food you wish to steam upon the grid. I shall steam carrots. Then place the bowl over the grid. This shall lock in the steam. (Enough steam for a hacked steamer.)

Step 4: Eat!

Once the food is completely cooked, remove the bowl and grid. Now enjoy what you have steamed!