Introduction: How to Suffocate a Candle Flame With Your Hand Without Injury

In this instructable, I shall suffocate a candle flame with my hand while protecting my hand with beaten egg whites. Beaten egg whites have high heat resistance. Thus, I can cover the top of a candle jar with my hand and my hand remains at room temperature.

My objective is to cut off the oxygen supply to the flame by covering the jar with my hand.

This method of protecting a heat sensitive object with beaten egg whites has been implemented previously with the dessert called Baked Alaska.

List of Items:

2 egg whites
hand mixer
candle in a jar & matches

Step 1: Fetch the Egg Whites!

Crack the two eggs and separate the white from the yolk. Then pour in about 2 teaspoons of sugar. (I am unsure if the sugar matters. I use sugar while cooking for edible recipes.)

Step 2: Beat the Eggs!

Beat the eggs. They should become foam-like. When they are done, the egg foam should be stiff and when you pull the mixer out of the eggs, the foam should form thin cone shaped drips that remain on the mixer. (Look at photo.)

Step 3: Cover the Hand!

Scoop some of the foam with your hand and gently cover the hand with the foam.

Step 4: Cover the Jar!

Now place the covered hand over the opening of the jar until the oxygen supply has been consumed and the flame is extinguished.