Introduction: Quick Infant Mittens

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Adapted from My blog

Having my third little bundle I had plenty of clothes for the little guy, but what I didn't have was mittens, it seems my washer has eaten every single pair over the last four years leaving me with a single dingy white one.  This really wasn't an issue when he was in Newborn size clothes because the fold over sleeves. Now that my munchkin is in the next size, his monster claws have been grabbing and everything, leaving evil little claw marks on his own face and my poor defenseless boobies.

"Why don't you just trim his nails?"

In my best sarcastic voice: "Oh goodness, why didn't I think of that?"

I did, I cut his little baby nails, filed them all nice and smooth, an hour later they were back.

So instead of trimming his nails every hour I opted to make some mittens for him.

I started by digging through the bag of clothing that was so ridiculously stained and worn that the only reasonable purpose I could think of using them for was sewing cloth diaper inserts.  I found a 12mo size fleece sleeper, but any size shirt, sleeper or pants with a rolled cuff should work.
  1. Just cut off the end of the sleeves, and turn them inside out.
  2. Mark the cuff the approximate width of a cuff of an outfit that fits well. I winged the rest but you could just as easily mark an outline.
  3. Set a short stitch length, do a quick back stitch. Then just sew up over the existing cuff and around a circle and back down the cuff, add another quick back stitch to secure it.
  4. Cut out the mitten, then roughly trace the outline on the other sleeve and repeat the steps.
  5. Now put the mittens on your little monster!
You may notice some little self inflicted wounds on my Munchkins face, this will be no more, yay for mittens!!