Introduction: Quick-Release Paracord Camera Wrist Strap W/ GIF

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Having used a ordinary neck strap on my DSLR for photography for the past six years, I had found that it was much more comfortable to have the strap attached to your wrist, instead of digging in to your neck, especially in hot climates. So set about reaserching about possible wrist straps I could buy and I came across the Peak Design Wrist Strap, I loved its look and design, so I tried to replicate its quick-release and strength features with paracord.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Tools Needed:

1. Scissors

2. Lighter/Match/Gas Cooker

3. Ruler

4, Some imagination :D


1. Paracord (approx. 3.7m/12 ft.) For the bracelet & (approx. 0.95m/38") for the camera strap


Alternatively, you can watch the GIF above, instead of following the next instructions.

Step 2: Make a Paracord Bracelet

For the step you can either make a more complex Paracord "cobra pattern" bracelet or just use a simple length of paracord tied around your wrist.

For a "Cobra Pattern" Paracord bracelet:

Use this instructable by Akparacord. (I skipped the tracer and multi-coloured parts...)

For a simple quick Paracord bracelet:

Use this instructable by enzelaserna.

Step 3: Now Make a Monkey's Fist on One End of the Strap

1. Take the 0.95m/38" long length of Paracord and make a Monkey's fist on one end.

Follow the next steps to make one.

Step 4: Loop-the-Loop!

Loop the end of the cord around your to stretched-apart fingers as such, bringing the cord up a fourth time but only half-way.

Step 5:

Now from the fourth-half-loop, begin tying the cord around itself in a anti-clockwise direction.

Step 6: Careful, Now...

Next, carefully slide the cord off your fingers as shown above, and loop the cord around what you just tied.

Step 7: Tightening Up.

Now, begin tightening the knots/cord towards the end with nothing tied to it.

Step 8: Inspection, Checking and Attaching.

Now you should have a (approx. 32cm/12.5") cord with a Monkey's Fist on one end.

Next, slide the Paracord through the lug/loop/hole on your camera, if the Paracord is too fat for the hole, then alternatively, you can add a strong keyring/lug or use a thin yet strong cord.

Step 9: We're Knot Done Yet!

Now fold the cord at the end with nothing tied on it yet, back on itself and tie a large knot as shown above.

Step 10: Testing. Testing. 1.2.3....

To attach the Wrist strap to the bracelet, run the small knotted end, through the bracelet and place that knot over the monkey's fist.

Step 11: Finished; Finito!

Now practice release and attaching the strap to your bracelet, as you practice more it will become easier and faster.

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