Introduction: Quick Weighted Vest DIY

Quick weight vest for cheap using basic materials.

Step 1:


Sand used 23.7 lbs (CAD $3.60 for 30kg)

Large freezer bags (To make heavier, use larger bags) $2.19

Scissors ($0.00)

Duct tape 1-1.5 Large rolls ($8.00 or lower)

Cloth ($0.00)

belt ($0.00)

Step 1:

Fill bags with sand (doubled bags), remove the air by squeezing and lay out in a vest pattern shown. Make the shoulder parts a bit longer.

Step 2:
Tape front top to bottom joining the bags. (duct tape sticks well to the plastic)

Step 3:

Do the same for the back and tape down the bag openings.

Step 4:

Cover with tape (not completely necessary, but will add strength).

Step 5:

Add a belt centered and tape down. (make sure it's long enough)

Optional steps:

Step 6:

Try out the fit.

Step 7:

Add some cloth coverings for the neck sides so the tape doesn't chafe. (I used some cotton canvas I already had.)

Tape down.

If your going for a specific weight, you might want to weigh the sand beforehand.

Mine was a little light, so I added another bag to the front and back.

Step 8: (optional 2)

Use this as a base and add a cover. (I used an hammock duffle bag which fit fairly well)

Done. Time for some dips.

Step 2: