Introduction: Quick and Easy Axe/Knife Throwing Target

My axe throwing target kept falling from the hay bales so I decided to make this.


Metal Circular Hooks


Strong Rope

A Sturdy Tree

Part Of A Log Try To Get The Log About 7 Inches Thick And 30 Inches Wide

Step 1: Hook 1

Screw/Hammer your hooks into your Log.

Step 2: Hook 2

Put your second hook in.

Step 3: Rope and Attaching to the Tree

String the rope around a sturdy part of the tree and through your hooks, tie tightly add a good height depending on how tall you are.

Step 4: Throwing

To throw you want to stand 15 feet away from target, throw axe not to hard and hold lightly, and let slip out of hand when it does.

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