Introduction: Quick and Easy Fruity Dessert!

Ever have the craving for something sweet but don't have enough time (or too lazy?) to make something extravagant? Then this easy 5 minute dessert is for you! Made with fruit, angel food cake, and an extra topping of your choice, it is sure to please anyone!


• Angel food cake
• Fruit in gel
• Whipped cream or your own topping

Step 1: Cut the Cake

Cut a slice of angel food cake an place into a bowl.

Tip: Make sure one side is a bit flat so that it can hold the fruit!

Step 2: Add the Fruit

Generously scoop several spoonfuls of fruit onto the cake. Drizzle some of the gel onto the fruit if desired.

Step 3: Top It Off!

Finish this tasty treat with some whipped cream or other topping. Then add a fork and enjoy!

Tip: Swap the whipped cream for some sugar or delicious ice cream!