Introduction: Quick and Easy Scar

Create a gross-looking scar with a few simple items!


red and black face paint

spirit gum and remover (or corn syrup)

dental wax

flat scraper



Step 1: Apply Dental Wax

Take a length of the dental wax and knead it slightly to make a somewhat irregular shape. Tear to the desired length of the scar. Place it lightly in position and check length and placement.

Step 2: Apply Spirit Gum and Attach

Apply spirit gum (or corn syrup) to the area. Spread it wider than the wax roll because you will be flattening it out some. Wait until the spirit gum is tacky, then place the roll. Flatten and spread the edges of the roll to blend in with the skin. You want some irregularity so don't make the edges perfect.

Step 3: Add Red Face Paint

Prepare the face paint and apply it to the scar.

Step 4: Blend Red Face Paint

Mix the red face paint with a little water to dilute it, and blend on the scar.

Step 5: Completed Simple Scar

Step 6: Make It More Gross!

Use the flat scraper to indent a channel down the center of the scar. Blend some black and red face paint and apply it to the center of the scar. Add water to dilute it and blend.

Step 7: Completed Scar!

As long as the skin it's applied to isn't too active, the scar will flex with your movement. If edges start to loosen, add some more spirit gum.

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