Introduction: Quick Beer Tap

Here is a super quick way to make/assemble a beer tap for your own bar. Disclaimer: this is not my bar i provided engineering support for a total of 20 min while the tap was constructed.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

The assumption here is that you already have the taps and tubing and that you want a nicer way to pour the perfect beer.

With that in mind take your tap, to the local hardware store or a store that suppliers plumbing stuff. Head for the section with the large metal pipe section. You will be looking for 2" pipe connectors of different types. Firstly grab a T section with a 1" out and check that your tap will fit into it. You may need to get bigger washers to secure the tap properly.

Now start adding section together until you are happy with the look. Its important to do a test build at the store to make sure that you get all the right mating parts.

The last part you will need is the large flange at the bottom, i cant remember what is was called sorry.

You will also need a hole saw and drill. The saw should be slightly bigger than the 2" thread.

Step 2: Assembly

As this is a beverage project it would seem rude not to enjoy one while assembling the parts.

1. Get a cold beer

2. Attach tap to t section

3. Decide on tap orientation and location of tap. Horizontal for several taps, vertical for max two taps.

4. Assemble to desired look

5. Drill hole in bar, please take care that it is the right size hole saw!

6. Insert assembly, the little flange of the 2" pipe will sit directly on the bar.

7. From the bottom side attach the large flange that i can't remember the name of. And screw tight.

8. Run plumbing to keg

9. Enjoy

Step 3: ALL DONE!

Thanks Jens for letting me share this project and the great beer. Awesome hospitality from Skellefteå, Sweden