Introduction: Quick Under Engine Inspection.

Every couple months I like to get under my car engine and do an inspection. The first step is to engage the handbrake and chock the rear tires.

Step 1: Raising the Front of the Car.

I used my drill powered car jack to quickly raise the car. I used a concrete block to help give the extra lift needed.
Safety stands I used to take the weight of the front chassis.

Step 2: A Means to Move Under the Car.

My Handy roller tray is used for these inspections.

Step 3: The Inspection!

Here are some pics of under the engine. For the most part everything is quite fine. The cv boots, inner tie rod boot are good and no fluid leaks. The outer tie rod on the right side needs replacement in time and the inner tie rod boots needs to have the tubing reinstated or replaced.

To carry back down the car I did it in two steps since due to the height, I didn't want the car tilting severely on one wheel while I carried down the other side.

Quick half hour job and I'm a bit more confident with the car engine!