Introduction: Quickly Sharpen a Knife...with a Dremel!

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Ever needed a knife sharpened really fast? Well you have come to the right Instructable! This Instructable will teach you how to sharpen, and clean up, a knife with a Dremel!

Step 1: Items Needed

Okay so first off you will need a couple key tools and objects.

  • A Dremel.
  • A vice or something to hold the knife while sharpening.
  • Some Dremel bits. Part No. 932 -- A Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone -- Part No. 401 -- Mandrel -- Part No. 414 -- 1/2" Felt Polishing Wheel -- Part No. 421 -- Polishing Compund -- ( Part Nos. 401, 414, and 421 are optional. Only get these if you want to polish your knife.)

  • Safety Goggles.
  • An old, or new, blunt knife.

Step 2: Start Your Dremel!

Okay so by now you've found an old blunt knife somewhere. I really don't care how you found it just that you found one, and you've probably gotten those parts or it would really be no use in reading this Instructable...anyways, lets get started.

EDIT: When I cut it at a 25 degree angle the blade wasn't that sharp. So after a few tries I decided to cut the angle down to 10 degrees.

1. You should put the Aluminum Oxide bit in.
2. Put the knife in the vise.
3. Start the Dremel up.
4. Grind away at about a *10* degree angle.
5. Turn it over and grind that side too.
6. On to the buffing!

Step 3: Optional: Buffing the Knife.

Okay so if you clicked on this step you probably are either curious or want to clean up your knife.

This is where the Parts 414, 401, and 421 come into play.

So...screw the 414 into the 401, then rub some of the compound onto the buffing bit.

Buff away!

Step 4: Done!

Now you have an extremely sharp knife. Well depending on how good a job you did.


1. You could resell the knife to a friend, for more than you think it's worth. -- Just because of its good condition. --
2. Use it.
3. Give it to someone as a cheep birthday preset.

Remember: Safety First!

-- Taylor G.