Introduction: USPS "Kyle" Hats

About: I'm a dude who likes tinkering with stuff.

A hat made out of a cardboard box. A hat that resembles the hat that Kyle, from South Park, wears. Will find a better name.

Step 1: Get Boxes

Okay. So for this step you have to order boxes from or just steal some from the Post Office (like we did). If you order them online they are free, so is stealing, and they take about 2 weeks to arrive. But if you steal, you can't get too many at a time...

Step 2: Open Box

Pretty self-explanatory.

(We probably could have done without this step...)

Step 3: Tape Up Box.

Tape up the box with clear tape. Any will do we used duct tape.

Step 4: ! Optional Step ! Cut of Lip.

On my prototype I cut off the lip, and I turned it into some monster-like thing...

Step 5: ! Optional Step #2 ! Stuff With Tissues.

This step is also optional. On the second edition we chose to stuff it because he had too small of a head. On the prototype my head was large enough to wear it snugly. Stuff as much or as little as you want.

Step 6: Wear Fasionably!

Pretty easy to understand. Wear it in a fashionable manner. Here are some examples. Go to the mall with one! Go to the Post Office with one. Go fishing! Do whatever. Just remember...