Introduction: Quilled Paper Honeycomb Earrings

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Learn how to make these beautifully unique paper quilled honeycomb earrings. They are made completely from paper using a technique called paper quilling. Quilling tools are very affordably priced and it is an easy hobby to try!

You'll Need the Following Materials & Tools:

Let's get started!

Step 1: Create Paper Earring Outlines

The first step is to create two paper circle shapes for the earring exterior (circles have interior diameter of one inch). Start by gathering two pieces of your primary colored quilling paper.

Using one piece of quilling paper, place a small amount of glue on the end of paper and begin to wrap the paper around the second circle on the Quilling Border Buddy. Go slowly and pull the paper tight so you get a nice tight circle. Glue the opposite end of the paper to itself to complete the first circle.

Repeat this step for the second circle.

Step 2: Wrap Outlines in Secondary Color Paper

Next, we want to wrap the secondary coloraround the outline circles. Gather two strips of the secondary color paper.

Glue the end of the paper and attach it to the primary colored circle outline. Be sure to glue the second piece right at the end of the first piece of paper. Wrap paper over existing circle and glue the paper end to itself to finish.

Repeat this step with the second outline circle.

Step 3: Create Honeycomb Design

Next, we are going to create the interior of the earring, the honeycomb design. Gather two pieces of primary colored paper and two pieces of secondary colored paper.

Glue the ends together of one primary & secondary colored paper. Repeat with remaining two pieces of paper.

Using the slotted quilling tool, start curling the black/pink paper around your quillling tool. Remove your quilling tool, move down the paper and start curling the opposite direction. Continue until you reach the end of the quilling paper.

Repeat with remaining two pieces of paper.

Step 4: Create Teardrop Shape

Stackthe two outline circles in your hand and pinchthe top to create a teardrop shape. Pinching them both at the same time makes the shapes match perfectly. Line up the circles so the visible paper end is at the very top (this will conceal the paper end).

Step 5: Assemble the Paper Earring

Use your quilling tweezers to start inserting the interior honeycomb shape into the center of the teardrop outline. Go slowly and allow the paper to go into the shape where it feels natural. Don't force the paper, just work with it patiently.

Repeat with the second earring.

Stack both earrings and gently squeeze teardrop shape in fingers to ensure the shapes still match each other.

Step 6: Spray With Sealant for Durability

Place the two earrings on a non-stick surface (such as a paper plate covered in aluminum foil). Spray light even coatsof Krylon Low Odor Clear Finish over one side of the earrings. Allow to dry.

Flip the earrings and repeat this process.

I recommend at least two coats on each side for maximum durability. This clear matte finish will stiffen the item and prevent it from bending while being handled.

Step 7: Add Earring Findings

Using the pliers, put the jump ring through the top of the teardrop paper outline and attach the jump ring to the earring wire.

Repeat with second earring.

Step 8: Congratulations, You're Done!

Enjoy your Beautiful Paper Quilled Earrings!

I have several pairs of paper jewelry that I've worn for over 10 years. They are more fragile than metal jewelry, but with care the item can be just as durable. I strongly recommend taking the earrings off before taking a shower because they are only water resistant (not water proof).

Have fun trying different colors and styles! Browse my other earrings for inspiration or visit!

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