Introduction: Quilling a Flower With Leaves and Stem

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In this instructable I will show you how to quill a small flower with leaves and stem

Step 1: Supplies Needed

  • Quilling Strips of various colors.
  • Quilling Comb
  • Quilling pin
  • Glue

Step 2: Quill the Center of Flower

  • Take a red colored quilling strip
  • Using the quilling pin make a tight roll
  • Apply glue at end and allow to dry

Step 3: Quilling Flower Petals Part 1

  • Take an yellow colored strip and place between the three center pins on the comb
  • Apply little glue and stick ends
  • Weave all the length of strip on the comb on both sides equally
  • Apply glue at end at remove from comb
  • Fold the quilled shape at middle, hold one end and make a tear drop shape
  • Apply glue and at closed ends and allow to dry

Step 4: Cover the Flower Petal With Red Strip

  • Take half the length of a red quilling strip and apply glue on one end
  • Stick the strip on top of flower petal and wrap it around the petal
  • Apply glue at end and allow to dry
  • We need five of these pieces for the flower

Step 5: Join Petals Together

  • Apply glue on the wider end of petals and join all five of them together to form the flower shape
  • Apply glue at one end of rolled red strip, and stick at the center

Our flower shape is ready

Step 6: Make Leaves

  • Take a green colored quilling strip and weave a tear drop shape from one end of comb
  • We do not require all the length of green strip, just weave on 5 pins
  • Trim extra length of strip and apply glue.
  • Remove from comb, press and shape like a leaf
  • Make two of them and attach to both sides of a petal of flower shape with glue

Step 7: Make Stem

  • Take a brown colored quilling strip and cut it in half
  • Fold one cu length twice to form four strips
  • Apply glue to 2/3rd of the strips from bottom and join

Step 8: Attach Stem

  • First hold the middle two strips together, apply glue and join at the center of petals just opposite to the one with leaves on both sides
  • Trim extra length of stem as you wish
  • The stem needs to be supported with the flower. So attach the outer strips to ends of petals and apply glue and allow it to dry

Our small quilled flower with leaves and stem is ready

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