Introduction: Qwerty - Dvorak Keyboard Conversion Prank for Windows

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This instructable will show you how to trick your friends by changing their keyboard controls! They may never know what happened! Not only that, they won't be able to check online for the problem becuase their text will turn out to be something like this: D.nnrw abe ,.njrm. yr yd. lpabt jdabb.n! it's fairly easy, I'll show you how. P.S. This is compatible with other operating systems, but you do it a bit differently with the same result. It's all in your Control Panel somewhere. This is an entry to the Project: Prank contest, please vote!

Step 1: Requirements

You will need:
A friend with a Windows operating system
Some time that the owner of the computer doesn't return for about 3 minutes
This 'ible
You have to be able to do this fairly fast, so try practicing on your own Windows.

Step 2: Start Then Settings Then Control Panel

Demonstrated in the picures here:

Step 3: Find Regional and Language Options

If you or your victim's computer uses the new Control Panel style, then switch to classic view. Now find Regional and Language Options. Click it.

Step 4: Languages Then Details

Shown here:

Step 5: Add the DVORAK Format

Click on Add... and a dropdown menu will appear. find DVORAK on that menu. Select it and press OK.

Step 6: Activating DVORAK

In the Details menu, Make sure that the DVORAK format is on this list. Click OK, Then OK again, and close the control panel. On the taskbar, click the keyboard button and click DVORAK from the list.

Step 7: Finished! Now Test It

Open Wordpad or Notepad and try it. If you try to type, Have a nice day! it should look like, Dak. a bcj. eaf! They may never figure it out! Oh, and by the way, I made a convenient little chart showing what you see vs. what you want it to be. This can also be used as a code! Have fun!