Introduction: Knetix R-SAR K'nex Assault Rifle

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The R-SAR (rail-system assault rifle) introduces a new type of firing system: the knetix rail system. This system is rubber-band efficient because there is less friction between the bullet and the barrel, because the bullet does not come into contact with the other ammo and most of the barrel until it is fired. Unlike other guns, this one uses more of a bolt system than a ram system, meaning there is nothing sticking out when you load it. It is very fun to just play around it.

Updates include a safety, more efficient barrel, and a more efficient trigger system

-contained firing pin
-good power (50-60ft with the rubber bands i used; you can use more)
-very original
-sounds SICK when you pull back the bolt
-8 round mag
-very accurate

-bolt will snap if too much pressure is put on it
-uses 3 broken pieces



Step 1: Outer Frames, Supports, and Trigger *updated*

This step explains how to make the outer frames, the supports, and the trigger.

1. The two outer frames-make these
2. Make these
3. Connect with blue rods to form the stock/handle support (blue rods on handle do not have to be cut but it makes the handle much more comfortable
4. Support-any kind of spacer will work for the middle
5. Make these
6. Connect to form butt
7. Get these
8. Cut rods :(
9. Connect to make trigger
10. Attach supports to one frame, hold onto the other frame
11. Safety
12. Secure tan clip (pic taken after gun was finished)

Step 2: Inner Frames and Magazine

The inner frames of the gun with the magazine walls

1. Inner mag plates-make these
2. magazine walls and ammo guides-build these
3. Attach pieces like this
4. Attach second plate

Step 3: The Rail

This is by far the most painful part of the gun to make. I had a lot of new calyces on my fingers when i was finished.

1. The rail
2. Make these pieces
3. Connect first two plates
4. Get these pieces but do no connect them i have just put them in the order they go in
5. Attach pieces
6. Attach third plate
7. Attach final plate (this one is very hard-i had to take it apart to do it)

Step 4: The Barrel *updated*

Pretty much a normal barrel

1. The barrel
2. Build this
3. Actual barrel-make this
4. Connect the two
5. Fake barrel parts-make these
6. Put them here
7. Second barrel plate
8. Attach

Step 5: Put Them Together *updated*

Shows how all the parts fit together

1. Attach magazine to the outer plate
2. Improved placement (read image notes)
3. Front view
4. Broken piece :(
5. New trigger system
6. Different view
7. Attach like this
8. Attach outer plates
9. Attach rail
10. Attach barrel

Step 6: Firing Bolt, Trigger Connection, Stabilizer Pin, and Rubber Bands *updated*

The firing bolt is the piece that launches the bullet, the trigger connection connects the rod block to the trigger, and the stabilizer pin keeps the bullets in place within the magazine.

1. Firing pin-make this
2. Put firing pin in so that the rail is between the two orange connectors
3. Secure on each side with 2-way connectors
4. Put 4 blue spacers on each side
5. Attach gray connectors and desired # of rubber bands on each side
6. Cut a red/metallic green rod a little shorter than a yellow rod with an orange connector (you do not need to make the yellow rod with orange connector)
7. Make stabilizer pin with the cut piece
8. Tie 2 rubber bands together like this
9. Loop through connector
10. Put stabilizer pin here
11. Make trigger connection
12. Connect trigger connection to rod block
13. Connect trigger connection to trigger
14. View of both
15. Put bolt rubber bands here
16. Mag ram-you could make it better i ran out of pieces
17. Put rubber band here
18. And here

Step 7: Loading and Firing

To load:
1. Remove mag ram + get bullet
2. Put desired amount of ammo in mag (up to 8)
3. Put mag ram back in
4. Pull back bolt

*Be sure to pull the trigger all the way through and also be sure to make sure the stabilizer pin is straight before loading.

Step 8: You Are Done!

Enjoy the firepower , accuracy and overall awesomeness of the R-SAR