I love preparing this chocolates because they are easy to prepare and healthy. The ingredients are vegan and the recipe is raw vegan.

I think it is also a delicious present to give to your guests or friends.

I hope you enjoy :D

Step 1: Ingredients


– 50gr cocoa butter

– 30gr cocoa powder

– 2 tablespoon stevia (or coconut sugar, mapple syrup, agave syrup, dates syrup,…)

– Goji berries. Goji berries are optional. Besides, you can add instead of goji berries, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts,...

- Moulds for chocolates

Step 2: Melt in a Double Boiler

– Melt in a double boiler (Bain Marie) the cocoa butter. Be careful not to exceed 42ºC in order to keep cocoa butter properties.

How to double boiler:

- Place a sauce pan on the stove. Fill the sauce pan with water.

- Place a smaller pan or a mixing bowl on top of the first sauce pan.

- Heat water but if you want it raw vegan, not exceed 42ºC, in order to keep food properties. Place your ingredients (in this case cocoa butter) in the top container (pan or mixing bowl).

- Stir the ingredients to ensure they heat evenly.

Step 3: Mix Cocoa Powder and Stevia

– On the other hand, mix the cocoa powder and stevia

Step 4: Place Goji Berries

- Now place a goji berrie inside the moulds.

My choice was goji berries, you can put hazelnuts, almonds, caramel, etc...

Step 5: Mix Cocoa Butter, Stevia and Cocoa Powder

– Once the cocoa butter is melted, we mix with the stevia and cocoa powder.

- Mix well the ingredients.

Step 6: Into Moulds

– Then pour the previous mixing into a mold of chocolates.

- With this amount of ingredients, I obtained 8 chocolates.


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