Introduction: RBSMG (Red's Brute Sub-Machine Gun)

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Hey guys. Well, this in a gun that I have developed over the past several days. It is really nothing too special, but it is an improvement over it's predecessor, the RCP. I wanted to basically take the RCP, a fantastic dark grey connecter "pistol," and make it shoot out of a K'NEX 5.56 NATO replica mag. I really pulled it off, as this one preforms better than the RCP, probably due to the fact that these bullets are heavier, since they include a green rod.

Like I said before, this is really nothing too special, but not all of us are innovators and creators. Besides, I love guns that have cool-weird bodies.

Great range: 50ft.
Nice 'n hefty
Has detachable stock
Surefire mech
Has K'NEX 5.56 NATO mag
Is a significant upgrade from the RCP
Has suppressor
Has ACOG sight
Fun to hold
Not too piece consuming

Sights are not epic
Detachable stock is kinda flimsy

dr. richtofen: Detachable stock

Well, there you have it, the RBSMG. I would love to hear your comments.

-The Red Book of Westmarch