Objective: To construct light in wight and cheap water pumping facility for home based usages.

In following steps, i have made a pvc pump to flow the water from under water tank to delivery side. It is a cheap way to built a pump because in market, prize of pump is high, so insted of it we can make a pvc pump and use it for this type of purpose.

Step 1: Construct Sucation Side Assembly

This side is an assemblly of a various pvc elemnets such as pvc pipe, albow, reducer, non-return valve. Now this assembly is placed near under water tank. 1.5 feet pvc pipe is submerged in water tank also this assembly has non-return valve which allows the water to flow unidirection.

Here we have implemented the fundamentals of fluid mechanics to utilize the kinetic and potential energy of water.

Step 2: Construct Delivery Side Assembly

As this pump is designed for low head (water supply at ground level), we have reduced the size of pvc pipes which are attached to the pump. This will convert the pressure energy of water coming out from the pump into the kinetic energy(follows continuity equation). This will give the high amount of discharge at outlet.

Step 3: Construct Pvc Reciprocating Plunger Pump

Unlike other reciprocating pump which are using piston as a prime element to create pressure head, we have used the pvc pipe. Compare to piston it can suck more water during one cycle and can give high discharge.

For the suction process it is necesserily required to creat vacume pressure inside the pump. So that water in the tank (atm presure) suck into the pump(pressure < atm pressure). So it is require to make in arrengment like piston. We have done grooving operation on pvc pipe by using of saw. Here we use saw for grooving operation on pvc but you can also use lath machine for accurate roung shape. If lath machine is not available manual grooving operation can be done using manual driling machine and mixer.

Once grooving operation is completed. We have placed the piston O-rings on groovs. Main function of O-ring is to create vaccum pressure and to make the pump air and water leak proof. At initial level lubricating require on O-rings for smooth working.

Step 4: Casing of Pump

For casing purpose we have simply used the pvc pipe which en-covers inside pipe.this pvc casing held stationary on wooden plate.

Step 5: Transmit the Power Using Non-conventional Chair Cover Instead of Conventional Metal Over Shaft Hub

This type of covers generally used in furniture such as chairs, beds. Its main function is to stable the position of the chair. It prevents slippage in case of any axial loads. Now a days the covers which are available in thin size.

Suppose we are not having any conventional shaft hubs such as aluminium discs, couplings and you need to transmit power from motor then you can use it by doing some modifications.

They are generally available in limited sizes(inner diameter). As per the shaft diameter of your motor you can make a hole through drilling in it. There are two faces, one is having flat surface and another one is having large hole.

Power transmitting to another elements requires arrangement of linkages. Now for that you can use a flat surface of the cover.

Step 6: To Engage the Wooden Plate With the Pvc Hub

  • carry out the center calculation of hub
  • drill four holes in it
  • take a wooden plate
  • indicate the center of hole
  • drill four holes in plate
  • engage the plate and hub using screws
  • connect linkages in plate as per the requirement

Step 7: Couple the Pump With Motor

  • make an hole in the pipe cover
  • inserted 6" long bolt in it and connect with pipe clamp
  • connect the metal strip with clamp

Step 8: Home Based Application

As it is designed for low head pressure, it can be use to supply water for watering in garden.

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