Introduction: Indestructible RECYCLING CHUTE

After you have slammed back a ice cold instructables indestructible ENERGY DRINK, it's time to recycle. This is a way to send your recyclables to the basement. It's inexpensive and not too hard to do depending on what you have to cut through. And if you have a small kitchen and have room in your basement, you will love this idea.

Step 1: What You Need...

You will need to find where in your home will be a good place to do this. I cut a hole in the floor of my kitchen cabinet and kitchen floor. And there must be room below for a trash can.

Materials and tools needed...

A piece of 3 1/2" pvc pipe [fits pop cans]
A piece that connects a pipes
If you can't do a straight down drop, you may need a slight angle piece and 3-3/4" wood screws.
Trash can
Trash bags to fit can size.

Sawzall or 3 1/2" or 4" hole saw with drill
Screw driver
1/8" drill bit
Saw to cut pipe

Step 2: DO IT!

I had a problem with a floor joist being right where I wanted to cut my hole, so take measurements first. Drill through the cabinet and then the floor, If you don't have a hole saw you can try using a sawzall. set your trash can under the hole and take a measurement from a inch and a half above the floor of the cabinet down to where you want to stop the pipe. In the cabinet glue the connector on the top of the pipe. Hold it up for a few minutes until the glue dries. If your pipe is against the wall you can put a strap on it. If you don't have a straight down shot to you trash can you can use a slight angle somewhere in the pipe. But SCREW THIS PIECE ON with the 3/4" screws pre-drilling with the 1/8" bit. The reason for screwing this on is because if someone sends a tallboy down or a half crushed can it will wedge in the elbow.
PS: Make sure the can doesn't have a lot of pop left in it or it will start coating the inside of the pipe.

Good luck!