The poor quality O-ring that holds your boot button in place wears down
leading to the loss of the boot button from your vehicle. Renaults only solution to this is a complete replacement boot lock mechanism that will only fail again and will cost a vast amount of money. Our solution simply allows you to just replace the boot button with our boot button and improved design metal retaining clip, preventing future failure and saving you money! Available exclusively from X8R Ltd.

Our boot buttons are a vast improvement over OEM,
specifically designed to never fall out again! Guaranteed to be a perfect fit, a high quality professionally manufactured part perfectly finished. All is included to fit your new button in minutes with full instructions included; only basic tools are needed and this part can be installed quickly by anyone.

-Complete kit to replace your missing button, fitted in minutes. -Will not damage your solenoid like other solutions offered by sellers -Full easy to follow installation instructions included -Improved fittings so you will never lose your button again -Improvement over OEM part for a perfect fit -High quality finish

Renault Mégane Mk1 1995–2002

Renault Mégane Scénic MK1 1996–2003

Step 1: Remove Interior Trim

For demonstration purposes only this repair is
carried out on the bench, this repair can be carried out in situe on the vehicle.

Open your boot and remove your parcel shelf. Using a T20 Torx screwdriver unscrew the 3 (sometimes 4) screws holding the interior trim in place. On some models there may be additional screws near the wiper motor. Pull firmly around the edges to remove the trim.

Step 2: Remove Lock Mechanism

Once the trim is removed you will be able to see the boot lock as shown. Unlpug the electrical connector. Remove the 2 bolts (sometimes 1 bolt) holding the lock in place. You will now be able to pull the boot lock out of situe. Remove the locking lever by sliding it in to the L Shape channel of the boot lock and twisting slightly.

Step 3: Fit Button

Position the spring in the centre of the rear of the button and push in to the boot lock.

Compress button so that the longest protuberance from the button appears at the rear of the boot lock. Push the E-Ring in to the groove in the protuberance (this will be tight fit). Using the pliers crimp the E-Ring in place (do not apply too much pressure, crimp lightly and in small increments). Test the button functionality; if not correct re-adjust the E-Ring and retry.

Refit the boot lock making sure you reattach the locking lever and the electrical connector. Refit bolts and test the functionality of the button. Once satisfied the button operates correctly; refit the boot trim and enjoy being able to use your boot again!