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I found these chairs in the curb marked "free" by my house. I LOVE a challenge! I took these puppies home and new I was going to transform them! I have to say they cleaned up well! (See last pic)This "upgrade" only cost me $4!!!! I love how they turned out!!

Step 1: Gather Your Items

I had everything on hand besides the coordinating fabric. You can use fabric you have around the house, I wanted these to match my home decor. I purchased the fabric from Walmart for $4 (2 yards @ $2 each). Its a "brushed suede" material. I pulled out my staple gun and staples, spray paint in a brown color, clear acrylic sealer, hand drill (or screwdriver) and a plastic drop cloth. LET'S GO!!

Step 2: Start to Staple

First I washed the chairs with a clean cloth. The surface was smooth - no sanding needed. I started by removing the screws holding the seat on the frame. (Keep these) I then removed the yucky paisley fabric, but keeping the soft padding underneath. I cut the new fabric to fit the seat by using the old fabric as a guide. I flipped the seat on top of the new suede fabric and pulled the edges to begin the stapling process. I simply made sure the seat was fully covered by the new fabric and stapled.

Step 3: Spray the Chair

This step was easy and fun. Lay your drop cloth down and make sure you are in a well ventilated area. I sprayed 2 coats of my brown paint to both chairs. Make sure you wait at least an hour between coats to ensure it sticks properly and is dry. After the last coat had dried. I added the acrylic sealer on top to make sure my work is not in vain! Let dry recommended time.

Once dried, flip the seat on to the base and return the screws to its original place. VOILA!!! How easy was that?? Now, go out and find something to renew!!!

Have fun!


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