Introduction: RF Remote Shutter for Any DSLR

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it's good for stop motion and for less video editing

also you can use more than one receiver with the same contro

Step 1: You Need...

you need :

* wireless rf receiver 315/433 MHZ 12v 2 channels

* 315/433 MHZ control with 2 buttons

* audio jack cable

* 3,6v battery. (from mobile phone or digital camera)

* power bank

* a small switch

Step 2: Prepare the Receiver...

If you want, cut the pcb for smaller size of the project.

* remove the electrolytic capasitors and the lm7805

we don't need the lm7805 because we use a battery now

* cut with a dremel to remove the side of relays and the side of capacitors / lm7805

Step 3: Test It...

* connect the male jack cable and the battery to receiver

* test it

Step 4: Build It...

* glue the battery to the receiver

* connect the swich

* connect a 3pin female connector (for battery charging)

Step 5: Charging the Battery

* disassembly a small powerbank and take off the little pcb

* connect a 3pin male connector to the powerbank's pcb

Step 6: End.

now its ready to use

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