Introduction: RGB LED Display

This is a simple project that uses few materials and tools, while also being only 5 steps. A frame, cooking sheet, and a LED strip kit are used. The materials used were already on hand, however, there are many substitute materials available locally or online.

Photo Frame:

You will need a recessed photo frame.

This project used an "Ikea Ribba 9'' x 9'' photo frame".

LED Strip Kit:

Any LED strip kit will do. Some suggestions though, if you would like to use the display away from an outlet or on a wall, it's recommended to use a 5-volt strip.You will then be able to power it from a 5-volt, 2-Amp power bank (with the correct adapter).

This project used a 12-volt Analog RGB kit with a 5-amp power supply for additional displays.


The diffusing material can be anything that is not fully opaque. You can purchase colored cellophane, gel, or even use a 3 ring binder cover.

This project used a piece of baking sheet.

Step 1: Disassembly

Using a hobby knife or a flat edge bend up the backing tabs. Remove the backing. We wont use the inner white cardboard border. Remove the inner black square frame, while keeping the glass secure.

Step 2: Install the LED Strip

Place everything else besides the LED strip and the inner black frame to the side. Run the led strip around the inner black frame.When you finish installing the LED strip, cut the strip at a marked cutting point. Don't cut anywhere else or the strip section will not work. Secure the ends of the LED strip and strip connector wire with hot glue.

Note: The LED strip may have difficulty staying adhered to the frame due to the slick black coating. In this case score the black surface to reveal the cardboard underneath then use hot glue to secure the LED strip.

Step 3: Add a Diffuser

Cover the inner square frame with a diffusing material. You may add additional layers of baking sheet or crumple the baking sheet to give it a neat effect. You can retrace to this step after completion to get a desired look.

(The pliers are not needed they just walked into the work space.)

Step 4: Reassembly

Gently lower the outside frame and the glass panel on top of the inner square. Gently flip the whole frame assembly over. Cut any excess diffusing material. Bend the LED strip connector upward. Place the white paper insert on top of the cardboard backing with the blank white side faced up. Align the cardboard backing so that the connector can pass through it. Fold down the metal backing tabs.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Connect the LED strip connector to the LED controller.Then connect the power supply to the LED controller.

Note:There is usually an arrow or dot this should be align with the black wire.

Find a location and place a display piece on top. The frame can also be mounted on the wall with proper wire management.

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