Introduction: Daily Carry Pouch.

In Urban environments it’s nice to have access to certain things. Usually, I carry a PPM mask a surgical mask, hand sanitizer,and lotion in a carry bag. I wanted something smaller that could fit in my pocket or on a belt that could carry those items. I came up with a basic concept in CAD, then my cousin altered the idea and crafted this carry pouch. Check out his Facebook, Oliver Lin 奧利佛 .林手工包包.

Disclaimer: I have permission to create this Instructable, however, I’m not a leather worker and the directions may not have translated well. Please, leave any questions, corrections and suggestions in the comments.

-Materials and tools list provided in a picture.

Step 1: Prepare the Leather.

Main Pouch: 2 pieces of leather: 7cm x 27cm

Belt Loop: 2 pieces of leather: .8cm x 6.5cm

Spread an even coat of glue over the back of leather. Adhere each pair's pieces together with the textured side facing outward. Let dry over night.

Step 2: Install the Button Clasp.

Using a rivet punch and a mallet Install the button sides according to the picture provided.

Step 3: Prepare for Threading.

Using a scribe, scribe a line .5 cm from the edge. Using an awl and a hammer, create a line of holes for stitching by following the scribed line. Using a hobby knife, separate the sides of the leather to allow space for the elastic bands.

Step 4: Stitch the Leather Together

Carefully, stitch around the perimeter of the leather. Insert the elastic bands into the created holes, double stitch them.

Step 5: Create a Belt Loop.

Using a awl create holes to attach the belt loop. Double thread the belt loop into place.

Step 6: Putting It All Together.

Fill the the pump container with lotion, hand sanitizer, etc. Place the containers into the elastic strap. Fold the masks and slide them under the elastic band.

-Thanks for reading. Please feel free to comment, ask questions or check out my other Instructables.

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