Introduction: RGB Led Desk Lamp Powered by USB From Bottle

Step 1: How Can I Do?

  1. First, drill a 2 mm diameter hole at the bottom of the bottle with a diamond-tipped punch using a drill. While piercing, cool the bottle with water continuously, otherwise the bottle will cattle and give a loss. Use safety glasses and gloves when piercing.

  2. Prepare the black and red ends of the USB cable for soldering.

  3. Soldering USB Cable Red (+) black (-) cables.

  4. RGB led driver is soldered. Please note that the feet of the led lamp are correctly. After applying some silicon on the led, glue the Led lamp lens.

  5. RGB driver inserts into the hole at the bottom of the bottle. It is helpful when applying epoxy. After waiting 15 minutes. you may continue the other operation.

  6. Fix it by applying epoxy around the Led Driver.

  7. Apply epoxy to the corners of the bottle and stick the felt on top. After waiting 15 minutes. On the corner track of the bottle, cut the felt with a utility knife.

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