Introduction: RGB Light Random Flashing With Button

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In this page, I will be showcasing an Arduino build which has a flashin RGB LED Light with a button to control it.

Step 1: Part Required

- 11 wires


- Arduino Leonardo

- Breadboard

- 1 330 ohm resistor

- 1 10,000 ohm resistor

- 1 Push Button

Step 2: Install LED Light

First install the RGB LED into the breadboard. Make sure that the four pins go correctly into one row and make sure the rotation is correct.

Step 3: Install Wire for Power

Install the wire in 5V into the negative row on the breadboard. For the positive row, plug the wire into GND (ground) into the positive row. Install these power wires for setting up later uses.

Step 4: Connect Wires Towards LED

After connecting all the wires, you will have to connect the LED light to the system. You will need four wires and a 330 ohm resistor. Connect the three wires to the numbers on the Arduino system and then to the three legs of the LED that represents the color. The remaining leg is going to be the power. Install the resistor there with a wire giving it power to the other GND plug.

Step 5: Install the Button

In this step, we are going to install the button to allow the RGB LED light to light up. The button needs to be connected with three wires and one 10,000 ohm resistor. Connect two wires to the negative and positive row. The negative row should be connected straight to the button while the positive has to go through the resistor. One end of the resistor goes to the negative row while the other one goes to the numbers on the Arduino board.

Step 6: Code

After you complete wiring your Arduino, all you need to do is to upload the code into the system.

The code can be found in the website below:

Step 7: Finish

Here is a sample video of the completed system: