Introduction: RING LIGHT for Phones

About: youtube diy creator for now Haha

this ring light is so useful for youtubers or people who take a lot of selfies

i'ts a low budget lightning that's very handy to use


20 LEDs

usb port

some resisitors (if you will power it with 5v,in my case it's 3.3v so i don't need a resistor)


Step 1: Watch the Video

watch the video so you can have an idea on how to make this ring

Step 2: Print the Case

it's all about the design i've designed it for you guys you can upload the files and start printing

Step 3: Solder the Leds

make sure you solder them all in parallel and solder some resistor if your source is above 3.3v

Step 4: Solder the Usb

make sure to check the polarity otherwise you will burn the diodes

Step 5: Put Everything in Place

PLACE EVERYTHING and close the lid

i used a glue to fix everything in place and stop the diodes from coming out

Step 6: Success

CONGRATULATIONS !! you've done it

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