Introduction: Rabbit Head Trophy

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With plastic straws to drink, we will build a modern geometric trophy rabbit head to decorate a wall.

Step 1: Material

For this you need:

  • the model drawn on a sheet
  • plastic straws
  • some thread
  • scotch
  • scissors
  • pen
  • a pearl
  • a paint bomb

Step 2: Prepare the Shape of the Rabbit's Head

What gives all the originality and the dimension of this rabbit's head is its muzzle in 3D. We will start by creating what will be flat, the outline and the ears.

The drawing was made with dimensions that are half of what I want to achieve. So I'll :

- Take a straw, measure twice the length of one side by using the features of the drawings.

- Make a small line to identify where to cut.

- Cut the straw to a good length

- Repeat the operation for each stroke of the contour.

I positioned progressively my straws on a support to see the shape to draw and know where I am.
The trick: Not to lose myself in all these bits of straw, I use straws of the same color for the identical lengths, for example for symmetrical lines.

Step 3: Assemble the Shape of the Rabbit's Head

To build the shape of my rabbit's head, I'll do it in two steps:

- I put the ends of straws, like pearls, in a wire in order to have the turn of the head

- I add the ears to the structure of the head by ironing the thread several times in the same straw when it is necessary

Step 4: Build the Rabbit's Muzzle

To have a dimension effect, the muzzle straws are not twice the size of my basic drawing traits, but 2.5.

- As at the beginning, I measure each straw by putting it 2.5 times on each line that makes up the muzzle to cut it to the right length.

- I position them progressively on my realization not to mix.

- I use thread that I pass in a straw of the muzzle, a straw of the structure which is surrounded by two straws of the muzzle, then in another straw which constitutes the muzzle. The goal is to have all my straws that stick to the structure and the threads that meet at the nose of the rabbit, like a straw pyramid.

- When all the straws are in place, I make a knot to hold them together.

Step 5: Embellishment of My Trophy

Our trophy with the rabbit head has already taken shape. In order to finish giving it life, to make sure that we do not see at all that it is about straws and to make it as solid as possible, I will:

- Add a pearl to make a nose using the threads of the previous step that remained at the top of the pyramid to attach.

- I will round and consolidate each angle using scotch and scissors (I position them and then wraps them around the straws).

Step 6: Paint the Rabbit's Head

And now, there is only:

- to put your structure on a support so as not to dirty everywhere

- to shake your spray can and paint!

Step 7: Your Only Limit: Your Creativity!

As you can see, this achievement is very simple. Even the basic geometric design is easy to make.

So you can imagine other animals and start creating a trophy collection to decorate your wall or to offer! I for example made a fox on the same principle, and I prepare a dog ;-).

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