Rabbit-proof Extension Cord

Introduction: Rabbit-proof Extension Cord

We have some pet rabbits that are partial to electric insulation. They have nibbled through audio and video cables, and chewed the insulation on power cables.

To preserver a laptop power cord, and for that matter to stop the rabbits being electrocuted, I made a rabbit-proof extension cord.
In Canada flexible armoured conduit is required for wiring up lights etc. in an air plenum, so it is readily available.
It is only single-strand cable, but the covering keeps the bending radius large so it's not a serious issue. I fitted a regular 110V cord-end plug and socket, and clip the socket end to a tabletop so that the unprotected cord does not fall to the floor.

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    Rabbits R us
    Rabbits R us

    8 years ago

    Lol. In the picture of ur rabbit, looks like a demon. But cute.


    9 years ago

    Great! My laptop was 7 years old. I had to buy a new cord for $25 :( then 6 months later I got a new laptop. But we love our Bunny...that is the only thing he has chewed!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I think you just figured out how I can armor my grill's propane hose! The bunnies or squirrels or mice or something seems to enjoy chewing holes in it. A large enough diameter piece of this to slip the tube through, crimp on the end of the hose, slide the stuff over the crimp. It'll leave a small unprotected gap at the top, but that's OK, down by the tank is where they always perforate it.