Introduction: Rack for Pliers, Sidecutters, Etc. Close to Hand

I always had trouble with pliers, sidecutters, etc. in the workshop as there is no easy way to rack them.  I tend to leave them lying around and then can't find them or they clutter up the bench.

This simple rack provides the solution and the tools are the right way up.  You can fix it to the workshop wall or make it portable.  Because it is so easy to put to put the tools back, you tend to do that, and that's my philosophy in the workshop.

Make sure it is angled slightly backwards so the tools stay put.  Mark around the tools with a pencil or pen on a scrap piece of 10mm plywood.  Allow space for your fingers to grab the tool.  Cut it out with a jigsaw, bandsaw, scroll-saw, or even by hand.  Stick a piece of thin ply or hardboard on the back and trim to size.

I notice the pliers weren't seated properly in the photo!  Sorry.

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