Introduction: Radiating Positive Energy

Hi, my name is Paloma Odriozola. I love nature, it moves me in an unexplainable way. I am a high school student and decided to create a little garden by planting beans.

Plants are key for radiating positive energy. Plants are costly, if you want to create a DIY plant, you came to the perfect place. Plants can be used as decoration or even company. This project is educational since plants grow undergoing photosynthesis. It is exciting to see the progress of the plant since it is a time-consuming activity. Being in quarantine can be a factor to not go out and buy plants, gladly, this little plant is created with materials you can find at home. I personally love plants, having a living organism in my environment makes me feel tranquil and accompanied. Plants are great best friends and can boost your energy, reduce stress, have more cleansed air, can improve productivity, and look beautiful. If you want to work on a home activity during the pandemic and keep it educational and exciting, I recommend you to create this instructable; you won’t regret it. I added the materials/supplies needed, some short clips that illustrate how to follow the steps mentioned, and some cool pictures. I hope you have a great time building your little bean sprout!


1 small plastic cup

1 Mason jar

2 Cotton balls or cotton pads (your preference)



3 Beans



Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Step 2: Have Your Small Cup and Add Cotton in the Bottom

Step 3: Add Few Amounts of Water on the Cotton

Step 4: Add Three Beans on Top of the Wet Cotton and Make Sure They Have Some Separation in Between

Step 5: With Tweezers, Roll Some Cotton on Top of the Three Beans

Step 6: Wait for About Three Days to See Plant Growth. If It Takes Longer, It Is Okay! Wait for a Few More Days.

This video will illustrate the first part of the steps. I hope you enjoy it!

Step 7: Pull the Little Plant's Roots Out

Step 8: Have Your Mason Jar With Dirt in It and Add the Plants In, Covering Their Roots With Dirt

Step 9: Water the Plants and Have Your Mason Jar Placed Where Natural Sunlight Can Reach It! You Are Officially Done.

This video will illustrate the second part of the steps. I hope you enjoy it!

Step 10: Enjoy Your Plant!

I hope you had a fantastic time creating your plant; if you did, send some pictures, I would love to see your amazing creations!