Introduction: Ragi Milk (Vegan & Pink-ish)

Hi guys!

In today's instructable, I'm going to show you how to prepare vegan milk from ragi a.k.a. finger millet; those tiny red grains with big health benefits! Click on the above video to skip my blabbering & watch the recipe.

You can use this milk in most vegan recipes that use plant based milks and also to create standalone recipes like puddings, milkshakes, etc. (which I'll be sharing in future posts.) This milk does not have an overpowering flavor (like coconut or sesame milk) & is almost unrecognizable in most dessert dishes!

I like it better than soy milk for vegan milkshakes…it has a thicker & smoother texture (because of all the starch) and an oaty taste that goes well with chocolate & most milkshake flavorings.

Finger millet is known for its high calcium, iron & potassium content. It also has more fiber compared to wheat...that reminds me, finger millet is also gluten-free unlike you-know-who. It has a naturally relaxing effect on the body and thus helps with anxiety, migraines & insomnia; I've put it in my list of happy foods.

Long story short, ragi milk is one of my favorite plant-based milks, right next to coconut & almond!


Ragi a.k.a. Finger Millet

Filtered water

Blender/ food processor

Strainer, Pots & spoons

Step 1: Making

Rinse & soak the ragi grains overnight. Then blend with water & strain the milk as shown in the video. To get thicker consistency use less water while blending and vice-versa.

Step 2: Storing

Plant milks are better if used fresh, but if you're not using it immediately, take a clean & dry glass bottle or any airtight container, pour the milk in and store in refrigerator for not more than 3 days.

Hope you liked this recipe. Hasta la próxima!