Introduction: Rainbow Color-Changing Sheep in Minecraft

This instructable will show you how to make color-changing rainbow sheep in Minecraft.


You must have Minecraft installed on your computer or device.

Step 1: Open Minecraft.

Step 2: Go Into a World

Step 3: Open Your Inventory by Clicking the Three Dots at the Bottom Right of Your Screen.

Step 4: In the Inventory, Go to Items.

Step 5: You’ll See an Anvil. Click the Plus Sign on It and Choose the Highlighted Anvil That Pops Up Next to It.

Step 6: Put the Anvil in Your Inventory by Selecting It and Then Tapping an Empty Square in Your Inventory Bar at the Bottom of Your Screen.

Step 7: In the Same Tab, Choose the Nametag Label and Add to Your Inventory Bar.

Step 8: Choose the Nature Page in Your Inventory.

Step 9: Scroll to the Bottom and Select the Spawn Egg, the Grey and Red Egg With a Plus Sign.

Step 10: Choose Spawn Sheep and Add It to Your Inventory Bar, Then Exit Your Inventory.

Step 11: Choose the Anvil in Your Inventory.

Step 12: Place the Anvil by Tapping or Clicking Somewhere on Your Screen.

Step 13: Tap the Anvil. Tap the Label, and Put It in the First Square Under the Dark Grey Bar.

Step 14: Tap the Dark Grey Bar, Which Will Say Nametag. Replace That Text With Jeb_ (all Lowercase)

Step 15: Tap the Nametag That Pops Up on the Right Box Under the Dark Grey Bar. Exit by Clicking the X on the Upper Right.

Step 16: Now You’re Back in Your Minecraft World. Tap the Spawn Egg in Your Inventory, Tap or Click Anywhere on the Screen to Spawn a Sheep.

Step 17: Tap the Nametag and Select the Sheep With a Long Click or Long Touch to Name It.

Step 18: Voila, There You Have Your Rainbow Sheep. Make a Whole Herd!

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