Introduction: Rainbow Over a Mountain Range

First of all, for those of you who would like to know what software I used to make this scene, I used Tinkercad.

This is a scene project that I have created for the Tinkercad student design contest.

I decided to choose this scene as it was the very first thing that came into my mind when I though of different scenes. It is meant to resemble a mountain range with some trees and flowers around it with a rainbow going over the top.

I hope that you enjoy it so here are the instructions as to how you make it.


The cone shape

The scribble shape

The Cylinder shape

The round roof shape

The sphere shape

The tree shape

Step 1: The Mountain Range

To create the basis of the scene, you need to start with the mountain range which is the part ,that the scene really evolves from. To create this part, you are going to need to use 6 of the cone shapes. For this project I used different heights, widths and lengths for each mountain in this range. I would also like to point out that for each mountain, I made two to be symmetrical. Feel free to chose the dimensions of the mountain yourself!!

Step 2: Mountain Range With a Few Trees

Once you have got your mountain range, go into the all shapes section within tinkercad and scroll through all of the shapes until you have found the shape titled 'tree'. Drag 6 trees onto the workplane and arrange them however you like. I prefer to put one tree in front of of each mountain but again, you can arrange them however you like. Once they have been arranged, colour the trees on the outside of the creation, light green, the next ones in, a slightly darker green and the ones in the centre of the creation, dark green. Once you have done that, you can move onto the next step.

Step 3: A Mountain Range With Trees and Flowers

After you have finished the previous step, you can now move onto this step.

You first need to create flowers. To do this, bring out the scribble tool and draw the outline of a flower of your choice. I would strongly recommend that you do a flower that only has 5 petals as that it what I have found gives you some of the best results. After you have done that, colour it in. This is also the perfect time to do any last minute adjustments that you need to do. If you would like to make a centre in your flower then please read the next part which is written in italics. If not, then please skip the part that it written in italics.

To make the centre in you flower, you need to pull out the cylinder shape and shrink it to a size that will fit in the centre of your flower (the size will vary depending on the flower) and put it into the middle of your flower. Then shorten the height of the cylinder so that the height of the flower and cylinder are matching. Before you group the two parts together, you may choose the colour of your flower and the colour of its middle. Once you have done that, group it and turn it so that it is facing you if you are looking at the scene from the front.

Now you need to shrink your flower so that it has a thickness of 1.00 wide, a height of 6.00 and a width of 6.00

For the final part of this step, you need to arrange multiple copies of the flower that you have just made around the mountain range. I would recommend that you arrange them so that when you look at the scene from the front, it almost looks as though they are in a straight line. Once you have finished this, you may now move onto the next step.

Step 4: The Clouds for the Rainbow

For this part of the scene, you are going to need to get four of the sphere shapes and bring them out onto the work plane. After that, you are going to need to use three of them to create a "base of a pyramid" sort of shape. Then you need to place the fourth sphere on top of this "base " shape to create a cloud shape. Finally, you need to group it and colour it white to make it look more like a cloud. You are going to need this part for later so I would save it into your part collection.

If you do not know how to create your own part, you need to click, 'part collection' under the 'YOU' heading in the shape selection section of tinkercad. Once you have clicked this, there should be a box that says 'create part' and tinkercad should tell you what to do from there.

Step 5: The Rainbow

This is the penultimate step. For this step you are going to need to pull out two of the round roof shapes. Turn them -90 and make sure that they have a thickness of 1.00. Make one of them hollow, (the grey striped box on the colour selection menu). Put the hollow shape on top of the non hollow shape and make sure that the hollow shape is 19.50 wide and 9.50 long. There should be a narrow distance apart from each shape along the sides as shown in one of the pictures that goes along with this step. Group the two shapes together and make it so that the colour is transparent. Flip the new shape 90 degrees. Make the shape so that it is as wide as the mountain range and much taller than it. Colour it red. Now you are going to copy and paste the shape but you are going to make it so that it is smaller and it just fits inside the bigger shape. Colour it orange. Repeat the part that is in italics as many times as you need until you have 6 parts to the rainbow. Colour them according to the natural order of a rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple). Finally, group it and make it so that it is non transparent.

Once you have done that you may move onto the next step.

Step 6: Bringing It All Together

Now that you have your mountain range, trees, flowers, rainbow and clouds, you need to bring it all together. First you are going to need to raise the rainbow above the mountain range to a height that you are happy with. Then looking at the scene from the very top, bring the rainbow so that it is hovering over the mountains. This is when the clouds come back, bring two of our cloud shapes out from you part collection (or if you were struggling to turn them into a part, make two more) and put one either end of the rainbow so that it looks as though the rainbow is sitting on two clouds.

Finally you need to group everything together and boom there you have it. You have created a rainbow over a mountain range scene. Well Done!

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