Introduction: Everything You Need Mini Scrap Book

This instructable is something that I am going to enter into the pocket-sized speed challenge.

The whole idea behind this project is that I wanted to create something that could be used by multiple people as it is so small. It is meant for people to take it with them when they go to different places and if they wanted to whilst they are out and about, put something in it/write something down, they would not need to carry lots of different things with them and possibly a big book. This mini scrap book is small light weight and it can easily fit into your pocket. If you would like to make it then you have come to the right place, here are the instructions to make this mini book.


1.) Plastic Wrap

2.) Sharpened pencil you do not mind getting cut

3.) One sheet of plain white paper

4.) Stapler

5.) Scissors

6.) Hot glue gun (and possibly refills) *Warning, when using this tool, it is going to get very hot by the nozzle so please be careful

7.) Felt (any colour, it does not matter)

8.) Glue dots/glue squares

9.) Elastic

10.) Marker

11.) Bow saw

12.) Sand paper

13.) Eraser from the end of a pencil

Step 1: The Actual Book

First get your piece of paper and using the ruler and marker, mark out squares that are 5cm by 5cm. Next you need to cut it so that you have lots of little white squares. Now for the last part of this step, you need to put them together so that they are in a nice neat pile. Then you need to staple it at one end. You only need to use two staples. You also need to make sure that the staples are close to the edge so that you have more space to put the other items onto the front of this book.

Step 2: Protecting the Spine of the Book

In order to protect the spine of the book (the part that has been stapled) you need to get the glue gun, scissors and felt. Cut a small piece of felt that is 5cm long and 4cm wide. Using the hot glue gun, glue a strip of glue that goes over the staples. Place the felt over the glue and make sure that on that side of the book, only 1cm of the fabric is showing. Fold the felt around the spine and do the same thing but on the other side of the book. Finally cut off the extra.

Step 3: The Pencil

Get your bow saw, marker, ruler, sand paper and pencil. On the pencil, mark the 5cm mark from the sharpened tip of the pencil. Using the bow saw, cut the pencil at the 5 cm mark. To make sure that you will not get cut/get a splinter from the end of the pencil that you have just cut, use the sand paper to smooth it down so that it is nice and smooth and you will not get hurt by it. You are now ready to move onto the next step.

Step 4: Adding the Eraser

Before we attach the pencil to the book, we need to attach the pencil eraser so for this step you are going to need your newly cut 5cm pencil, the pencil eraser and your hot glue gun. Using the glue gun, put a small blob of glue on the end of the pencil. Next put the eraser on the melted hot glue. Let it cool. Once you have done that, you are now ready to move onto the next step.

Step 5: Securing the Pencil

For this step you are going to need your glue gun, elastic, mini pencil and plastic wrap. Wrap a small bit of the plastic wrap around the pencil. Now cut around 20 cm of elastic. Put a small bit of glue onto the tip of the pencil and put one end of the elastic onto it. Let this small blob of glue cool until you can hold it with out getting burnt. Once it has cooled, put a thin strip of glue onto the plastic wrapped pencil and with a medium force, wrap the elastic around the pencil. Do not worry if there is any extra as you can always cut it off. Let it cool. Once it has cooled, you can remove the pencil from the plastic wrap. It can be hard to slide it out so you can cut the plastic wrap as we do not need it anymore. Once you have removed the pencil from the plastic wrap, remove any extra plastic wrap that is hanging around your elastic loops. Finally, put a small trip of glue in the centre of you felt spine protector and glue the loops onto it. Let it cool and then when you slip your pencil into the elastic loops, if you shake it, it should not fall out. If it does then you are going to need to redo the loops as you have not put enough force on the elastic.

Step 6: Adding the Sticky Dots/squares

For this step you are going to need you mini book so far and your sticky dots/squares. If you are using the squares, attach one onto the book and then with out removing the plastic protection on the second square, place it on top. Once you have done this, you are ready to move onto the next step.

Step 7: Adding the Pencil Sharpener

For the final step, you are going to need to get your glue gun, mini book and pencil sharpener. To attach the pencil sharpener what I did was fill the bottom part of the sharpener with the hot glue as it helps it to stick better. If you are using a plastic pencil sharpener, then please be careful as it does get very hot. Once you have placed it onto the book and you are happy with it, leave it to fully cool before you start using the book.

Step 8: Finished

Now you have finished your book.
For this step you are going to need your finished product and a nice place to go and record things down in you book.
I hope that you have enjoyed making this book. Enjoy using it!!

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