Introduction: Rainbow Quilled Butterfly

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Hi, everyone! In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to make a 3D Quilled Rainbow Butterfly! It looks difficult, but it's actually pretty easy! All you'll need is some quilling paper, glue, quilling tool, and some dedication!

Step 1: Starting Off the Wings

To make this project easier, I found a butterfly template online to help with the shaping. It's much easier, and it definitely helps to make sure all the pieces properly fit together.

Start by cutting one of the quilling strips into 4 pieces, and quill on the of the pieces of paper into a loose coil, as shown in the photos, and glue down the end. Using your fingers, smush the circle into a vague triangle shape, and adjust the sides as needed to fit the sections of the outline.

Repeat this process by coiling the remainder strips into triangle shapes, and adjust them as necessary. Glue the sides of the sections and pressing them together gently.

Step 2: Continuing With Rainbow Colors

Continue making the shapes from the previous section in order to fit the molds. For the long strip on the top of the butterfly, keep folding the strip of paper until it is thick enough to fit the mold. Once you feel that there is enough red, move on to the next color.

For the rest of the colors, I went around the coil in black paper, as shown in a few of the photos. You can do this, but you do not have to. For the next few rows, some of the shapes are closer to squares and rectangles. Shape the coils into squares or rectangles, and then adjust the sides accordingly. Add glue to the side of the shapes, and attach them to the red sections.

Repeat this process with yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink, in order to form the rainbow.

Step 3: Making the Body

The first picture is a photo of the finished wings! As you can see, I went from red to pink, through the rainbow, but you can use any colors that you like!

For the body, taking a piece of quilling paper, make a tight coil with the black paper, and use a pencil, or your finger, to make the cone shaped structure shown in the photos. Make a second one with a strip of black paper, but don't make the cone so tall. Glue these together at the bases, and make sure that you fill the cones to make sure that it does not fold in on itself

Repeat this process or body-making by using only half a strip into a tight coil, and making two cones. Glue them together, and again, ensure that the inside of the cones are covered in glue.

Step 4: Putting It Together!

Taking the wings, add a generous amount of glue to the inner most part of them. Place the body on the table, or any other flat surface, and glue the wings onto the body as shown. It helps to have something to prop up the wings while they dry, since it will take some time. After you've let the glue set completely, you're done! You now have a little butterfly friend!

Thanks for reading! Do let me know if you made this!

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