Introduction: Rainbow Loom Popsicle

Hello everyone,

I'm going to show you how to make a cute littlePopsicle.

I took a look at some of your suggestions and I'm going to try my best to follow them.

I hope you enjoy and I would love for you to comment and show me how your Popsicle turned out.


Step 1: Placing the Main Colour Bands

I will be using green as my main colour of the Popsicle .

The red arrow on your loom should be pointing at you .

1: You are going to start at the top middle peg of your loom and you will be using DOUBLES the whole Popsicle .

So grab two single bands and place them from the top middle peg going diagonal to the right top peg.

2: Do the same in step number 1 but go to the left.

3: Your loom should look like the first picture. Now you are going to go to the right peg and grab two single bands and place them from the top right peg then go down 2 times.

4: Now with two single rubber bands you are going to start from the top middle peg and go down two times just like the last step.

5: Finally go to the left top peg and go down two times your loom should look like the last picture.

Step 2: The Ice Cream Bands and the Stick

The white is supposed to represent the inside so like the ice cream


1: We want to make the inside ice cream part so go to the right side of your loom and grab two single bands and place them underneath the main colour then grab another two bands and go from the two whites you just placed and go diagonal just like the picture. (Sorry my camera glitches and I lost the other pictures for this step sorry about that)

2: Go to the middle pegs and grab two white bands and go down twice to where the other band stopped

3: Now going to the left side of your loom doing the same thing you did on the right go down with two white bands once then move in diagonal to where all the other bands are.

4: Making the Popsicle stick. You grab two bands (any colour you want) and go down twice so you will use four bands for the stick.

Step 3: Place Holder and Cap Band

We will start with the place holders

1: You are going to grab a single white band and place it from where all your bands meet (the bottom of the ice cream part) then make it to a triangle like the first picture .

2: now you are going to do the same thing but up one like the second picture.

3:For the last place holder you are going to grab your main colour and create a triangle above that .

Now for the cap band

4: You are going to go to the bottom of your Popsicle stick and grab a single band the same colour and wrap it around four times.

Step 4: Looping and Slip Knot

We are going to start with the looping

1: So to start go under the cap band and grab the bottom two bands and loop them to itself then loop up once more to itself

2: Now we are going to loop the ice cream part so grab the top two bands and loop them to itself it should be going to the left. Then you can loop the left side up then when your get to the top go diagonal to the top middle peg

3: Now go back down to the ice cream part and grab the next top two bands and they should go to the middle then. Now you can loop the middle all the way to the top.

4: finally grab the last two bands in the ice cream part and they should go to the right. Then loop up once you get to the top loop them into the middle.

The slip knot

5: To create the slip knot you go to the top of all your bands (so the top middle peg) and put your hook through all those bands and grab a single band and put on the end of your hook then pull up stick the other side of the band on your hook and grab the back part of that band and put it over the other side then tug on it and make sure it is tight

Step 5:

And there you have it

I would love if you guys send me a picture of how your turned out

And sorry if it didn't turn out right