Introduction: Rainbow Loom Funky Bracelet

this is my first time using intractable and I'm so pumped about it so if u could plz tell me what to do better next time I'd love that! Also I would love to see what your turned up to look like so plz comment and enjoy! ?

Step 1: The Out Line

1:Your arrow should be facing down pointing at you or side ways like mine is right now

2: To start u start from the top and go diagonal using SINGLE BANDS to the left then go down 5 times with your outline colour

3:Then to close it up go in the middle row diagonal

4: Do the same on the right side

Step 2: The Main Bands

1:put down your first colour on the 2nd peg (as many bands as you can get on) then take your out line colour and put it on the 1st peg to the 2nd peg then with your hook move all the bands (mine are red) onto the outline band you just placed. Make sure there r no bands left

2:repeat step 1 but place the main colour (can be a different colour mine is orange) on the 3rd peg remember place as many bands as you can and then put the outline colour band on the 3rd 4th peg and then slip the main bands on the band

3:repeat step one 5 times but always going down one peg

Step 3: Place Holders & Cap Bands

Plz ignore the last picture it is a repeat of the first one

1: using triangles make your way up the loom like the picture

2: go to the end of your bracelet and make a cap band rapping around 4 times using a single band

Step 4: Looming

1:Go under the cap band and grab the top band and loop it to itself

2:go under the cap band again and grab the next top band and loop it to itself

3: go under one more time grab the last single band and loop it to itself

4:we r going to start by looping the left side so kept on grabbing the bottom band and looping it to itself al the way to the start

5:repeat step 4 on the right side

6: now we are going to loop the middle so grab the bottom band and keep going till the top

7:finally we are going to make a slit knot so go under all the bands grab on band and put it on the end of your hook the go back through the bands stick the other side of the band on your hook then lift up the one piece of the band and pull

Step 5: The Backing

1:now you are going to pull your bracelet off the loom and set the bracelet aside

2:we are going to create the backing so your can your it around your wrist so take any colour of band and go down the whole loom with single bands

3:at the end of your loom your going to put your bracelet on the end like the picture

4:finally your going to loop up then after u looped up your r going to place a c or s clip on the top then pull it off the loom now attach the other end of your bracelet to the other end of your backing

And there your go I hope your enjoyed and plz tell your friends! Thanks and remember to comment!