Introduction: Rainproof Outdoor Outlet Cover

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In preparation for my Pellet Smoking in the Rain Instructable, I needed to install a rainproof outdoor outlet cover. These covers, known as "In Use" covers, allow the outlet to be used during adverse conditions such as rain, lawn watering, etc... Standard outdoor outlet covers protect the outlet from weather, but do not enable the outlet to be used in these conditions. Inexpensive and simple to install, this cover helps you to get the most out of your deck, patio, or porch.


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Step 1: Remove Old Cover

Open the doors on the old outlet cover, exposing the screw holding the cover in place. Remove the screw and the cover can be removed.

Step 2: Select Backplate

The new cover will come with a set of backplates that fit a variety of outlet types. Select the one that matches your outlet, and snap it into place in the cover housing. Your cover might also come with a seal. If so, remove the center section of the seal and make sure the center leaves the outlets accessible.

Step 3: Install New Housing

The outlet will have mounting screws on the top and the bottom. Loosen these screws considerably, but without removing them (this way you can't lose them). Slide the seal, if provided, over the screws as shown. Slide the housing and backplate assembly over the screws and slide horizontally to engage.

With the housing and backplate affixed to the outlet, tighten the top and bottom screws and reinstall the center screw.

Step 4: Install Cover

Remove the appropriate plastic tab from the cover using pliers to allow for power cords to exit the housing. A gentle rocking motion will eventually remove the tab without cracking the cover. Secure the cover to the housing hinges.

Enjoy your new Rainproof Outlet Cover!