Introduction: Raised Bed From Scrap Wood

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We are in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic and it's not wise to go to Home Depot for petty items like wood.

So I have to use my scrap wood from the bamboo fence I'm building.

I have lots of scrap pieces of cedar. Some are painted, some are not painted, some only have primer on them.

Step 1: Lay Out Scraps

I laid out all my scraps by length and decided I had enough to make about a 4' X 4' raised bed. I cut each board at 25" or so.

Step 2: Attach the Scraps Together

I laid out (2) 25" scraps side by side to make a 50" side. I then added an additional row of (2) 25" scraps on top of the first row. I attached all 4 with a 2X6 scrap piece.

I did this 4 times.

Step 3: Bring It All Together

I laid out the 4 sections and connected them with 4'' X 4" posts I had on hand. I put a 4" X 4" post in each corner and used 3" screws to attach the 4 sides to the posts.

Step 4: Fill With Soil/compost/grass

Set it in the yard along with the other raised beds, and fill with your material of choice. For this bed, I started with food scraps that were in another bed, soil, and grass clippings. I'll round it out with more soil and start planting.