Introduction: Rakshak'20 the Sanitization Robot

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The project Rakshak' 20 is a done during the lockdown period in the begining of spread of corona virus in india using an old robowar machine and an agricultural sprayer along with scrap motors from automobiles. The aim of the project is to sparydisinfectant in areas where therss is a high risk of cross infection and also to deliver essential supplies such as food and medicinesto the patients so that enough social distancing can be esnured and also reduces the chances of contact of health workers with the patients. The robot is completely controlled using a flyski transmitter and has an onboard wifi camrea for live footage.


Step 1: The Robowar Machine

In this project i had used an abandonned robowar machine got from college scraproom. The robot had two ebike motors with a tracked wheek sysytem controlled using wired switches. So the first job was to remove the wirings and the combat equipment onboard usd for defense.

Step 2: The Platform

THe warmachine just has only metal chassis. So i weled a GI sheet on top of it and made a platform. In order to make the robot wireless the main concern was to setup onboard power supply. For that i bought two used car batteries from a scrap vendor and placed it on top.

Step 3: The Battery Case

TO secure the battery safe and water proof I made a case for battery and for the electronics Using GI sheets. Now the bot is ready to use for multiple purposes.

Step 4: Setting Up the Sparyer

After satting the battery case there were enogh room in front of the robot in oreer to occupy the sparyer. THe sprayer has a tank capacity of 16l with an inbulit pump and water sprayer. The next thing we need to do is to fix it there.

Step 5: Fixing the Sprayer and the Lance

A C clamp has been made to fix the sprayer to the robot. The hold the lance a robotic arm was made. The vetical movement of the arm was driven using a windshield motor and the horizontal motion/sweep was powered using a wiper motor. both can be controlled using the transmitter

Step 6: The Essential Supply Box

A plastic contained is screwd on the top of the battery box to carry medcines and other supplies to the patients. It is easily removable so that can be cleaned seperately each time after use.

Step 7: The Electronics Part

Coming to the electronics part, the receiver is connecterd to the analog pins of arduino.

The cytron motor driver is used to control the ebike motors, and monster motoshield is used to drive the wiper and windshield motor.

The LM298D motor driver is used to control the output from the sprayer.

The 4 Channel relay odule is used to power up the bot and the additional lights in it.

Step 8: The Final Product

Finally work is completed and this is my product. The demo was shot on my college when we took it clean our college hostel before we converted it into a covid care centre.(That's why we uploaded it on our college youtube channel, added original files for referance). I have added two led lights in front so that we can use it for night survillence also.

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